Soapstone Countertops

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    Northern California

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Dorado Soapstone serves the Midwest and some Southern states from our Denver, CO headquarters.

Our Massachusetts location provides soapstone to the Greater New England market.

Stone Masters Design Center in Kennett Square, PA is a Dorado Soapstone Distributor for our dark Noire Soapstone.

The Stone Studio in Batesville, IN is a Dorado Soapstone Distributor of our beautiful PA Soapstone.

Great Mountain Soapstone (previously Cabinet Works Plus Ltd) is the Dorado Soapstone Distributor for Canada in St. Catharines, Ontario.

LATERA Architectural Surfaces with locations in Austin and Dallas is our exclusive Texas Soapstone Distributor.

Teresina Soapstone is a Dorado Soapstone Supplier in Northern California and Principal Stone is our Dorado Soapstone Distributor in Anaheim, California.

Is Soapstone Right For You?

Are your countertops putting your family’s health at risk?

We all know that everything ends up on top of our counters. Do you know what is growing on on top of these flat surfaces where all of the food we eat is prepared?

Do you want a countertop that needs to be sealed?

What is in that sealing material and is it working? Can you test it?

What is growing in the sponge-like porous channels that run through the material that your countertops are made of?

Ask yourself these questions and then take the survey, “Is Soapstone Right For You?"