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World-Class Soapstone Masonry Heaters.  American made, designed and installed by Greenstone Heat.

World-Class Soapstone Masonry Heaters. American made, designed and installed by Greenstone Heat.

Soapstone Masonry Heater Home Concept Rendering from Greenstone Heat

Greenstone Heat is an American company with materials and manufacturing capabilities in North America. That means we are local, which leads to the following advantages:

  • We can design and build a masonry heater to fit your individual situation. With that knowhow comes the opportunity for creative and flexible design. Our motto is, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”
  • We produce the highest quality soapstone masonry heaters available. Our fit and finish are second to none.
  • Your individual design is fabricated, assembled and installed by highly trained, professional, local masons within North America.
  • Our local presence drastically cuts down the lead time necessary to design, fabricate, deliver and install your masonry heater.
  • We offer rapid, quality customer service.
  • We welcome new, interesting and innovative ideas and concepts. If you have an idea related to stone drifting through your mind, give us a call or email us. There is someone here that would like to discuss it with you.

A Masonry Heater--

  • Is the finest heating source in the world.
  • Is low in energy demands.
  • Has an amazing heat-retention and radiation property.
  • Warms by radiation, not by convection.
  • Does not move dust, molds or pollens around.
  • Produces minimal stratification of the warmth in the air.
  • Promotes a healthy living environment.
  • Is very comfortable and safe.
  • Is effective and efficient.

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The world's best wood heat

A masonry heater from Greenstone Heat is the most comfortable, efficient and effective way to heat your home using wood for your fuel source. Though soapstone is a soft rock, it is not porous and has a solid structure that has amazing heat-retention properties. The practice of heating stone for its warmth retention qualities has been known for thousands of years. Stretching back to ancient times, man used heated stones to keep warm and to cook food. Now, Greenstone Heat combines this long-known practice with state of the art engineering, technology and design to bring you the finest heating source in the world… a soapstone masonry heater.

Many of our customers ask what makes a Greenstone Heat masonry heater so special and so different from traditional wood stoves, even those wrapped in soapstone. The answer is in the masonry heater’s mass, or weight. Soapstone holds twice as much heat per pound as iron or steel. An iron wood stove weighs a couple hundred pounds, more or less. A masonry heater weighs thousands of pounds, generally more than less. In it, a brisk, hot fire is burned once or twice a day. The heat from the fire is transferred to soapstone itself where it is gradually released into the surrounding area, a steady radiant heat. Instead of heating the air directly, the radiation warms the solid surfaces in the room and will even pass through walls and warm adjacent rooms. Long after your fire has died down the soapstone masonry heater keeps on radiating heat.

A Greenstone Heat masonry heater may enhance the environment, safety and comfort of your home, as well as your health. They are safe, efficient and comfortable to live with. Also, the warm grain and color of soapstone masonry heaters make them beautiful “pieces of furniture” you can build a room around. Or in the present-day vernacular, they add architectural detail.

We can help you design a custom unit to fit your home and the needs of your family. If you are interested in your own personal custom unit, we offer complete design services. We are located in the United States and offer shipping and installation throughout North America.

Visit the Hybrid vs. Premium page for more info.

Contra-Flow Design

Contra-Flow Masonry Heater Design

Contra: Against or contrary. Flow: To issue or move in a stream. Circulate. Then, what is a contraflow design? Well, in a masonry heater it is referring to the route the heat takes as it moves through the heater. Simply put, if left to itself, heat tends to rise. In a masonry heater, the heat rises, then goes down through a masonry channel and then rises again to the chimney where it exits the heater. So, think up, down, up again, and in some cases it can also include around. The around portion can occur when a warmed bench is included in the design.

The importance of the contraflow design is evident. It allows the entire masonry portion of the heater to warm. In turn, the masonry radiates the heat into the surrounding area in a gentle manner. Radiant heating and the contraflow design does not tend to dry out the air, your nasal passages or your skin, as a convection heater does.

Visit the Technical Data page for more info.

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