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Getting the Most out of your soapstone tiles

Where to use Soapstone Tiles?

1. Over radiant floor heating systems. Why? Because soapstone retains heat longer than any other natural stone product. Once it is heated it will retain and release the heat evenly throughout your home.

2. In the bathroom, showers, mud rooms and other cleaning areas. Soapstone tiles are non-porous therefore chemicals found in beauty products, soaps, conditioners, and other products do not etch, stain, or affect soapstone in any way.

3. Around the fireplace. Using soapstone around the fireplace is a natural fit. It retains the heat from the fire and once the fire is out evenly distributes it for hours into the room. This is a way to efficiently retain the energy from the fire and use it to heat your room after the source is off.

4. Back splash and other accent areas. We produce 30 types of decorative soapstone tiles. Everything from soapstone listellos, to mosaics, tumbled, river washed, sandblasted or antiqued. Dorado Soapstone is the only producer of decorative soapstone tiles in North America. These are truly a unique and rare product at an affordable price.


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