Soapstone Countertops

See Why Thousands of Americans Choose Soapstone Each Year?

Is Soapstone The Correct Choice for You?

There are a lot of reasons to seriously consider adding Soapstone surfaces to your home. Soapstone possesses environmental benefits that you won’t find in any other natural or manufactured stone. Soapstone leaves a smaller footprint than other quarried stone, and when you choose Soapstone you are choosing to minimize your impact on the environment while getting beautiful, natural stone in your home.

Soapstone never needs chemical sealers or the expensive and harsh cleaners they demand. Just like in the olden days, you clean soapstone with whatever you like or whatever you happen to have. Once soapstone heats up it will keep a room warm throughout the day doing its part to save energy in your home.

Soapstone is admittedly the softest of the natural stones. But even as it scratches more easily it repairs more easily and will carry the patina of your life only as long as you want it to.