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Soapstone Countertops

Take a look at some of our most recent soapstone projects from around the country.

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A little about what we do here at Dorado Soapstone.


Dorado offers 8 varieties of soapstone slabs. Come inside to see our exquisite collection.


Over radiant floor heating systems, in your bathroom or mud room, and around your fireplace.


Built Circa 1900’s Soapstone Sinks never go out of style. Soapstone’s durability speaks for itself and its natural beautiful color goes with any design.


NuStone Quartz costs significantly less per square foot and our slabs are generally 20% larger than the competition.


With zero polymers or resigns this quartz based material can be used anywhere. Great for commercial applications as well.


Define your style. From Traditional, to Modern, or Craftsman to Asian, Soapstone is the best of old and new.

Official Dorado Soapstone Blog

4 July

Soapstone and Fine Leather

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The Analogy Between Soapstone and Fine Leather When asked about the hardness/softness of soapstone we at Dorado Soapstone sometimes draw an analogy between soapstone and fine leather. Maxwell Scott Bags provides a range of luxury leather goods for men and women including travel luggage, handbags and briefcases. They are so confident in the integrity of […]

21 May

Minas Soapstone

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The Old Time Look of Minas Minas soapstone is what people go for when they want the look of old-time original soapstone. Minas  soapstone is grey, one of the lightest soapstone varieties available with its light color coming from its high talc content. This high talc content also makes Minas a softer soapstone with a sensual quality […]

6 May

Choosing Countertop Materials

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At Dorado Soapstone we meet hundreds of homeowners faced with choosing countertop materials. Some people who come through our doors are new to soapstone and some have done tons of research. Most people who have made the soapstone choice have done so because of soapstone’s organic presence, its soft, smooth feel, and the relationship between human […]

Customer Testimonials

What our customers are saying about their soapstone countertops.

  • My wife and I loved working with Dorado to purchase the soapstone countertops for our kitchen. They had a beautiful selection and explained with patience and detail the characteristics of the many soapstones available. It was great working with Dorado.

    - Jim D.
  • Both my husband and I absolutely love our soapstone sink and countertops. They wash up so beautifully. I love the “Ice” finish. Wow! Thanks for all your help. We love this “Juniper” color and the white veining.

    - Dawn Eckhardt
  • The pattern is very interesting and attractive, exactly what makes real stone so much
    nicer than the manufactured variety.

    - Virginia Langen

Soapstone Countertops:

TOP 5 THINGS you MUST know about Soapstone

dorado-soapstone-samplesWe have done an extensive study on soapstone from around the world and are happy to bring this free report to you. If you are looking for soapstone countertops, soapstone slabs, soapstone tiles, soapstone sinks, or masonry heaters, this report MUST be read before making a buying decision. This will save you from years of headaches and disappointment and it only takes a few minutes to read.